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  • How can I access an academic document?

    You can access any academic document you are interested in by clicking on the "Get this Paper" (Download symbol) on the abstract page.

  • What if the article I need is not available on onAcademic’s website?

    If you are unable to find the required article from our website, you can also choose to change the search method to search

     for similar documents.Due to technical difficulties, the onAcademic literature may not date back to the early days, or it may

     not contain certain issues. In addition, youcan also contact onAcademic through WeChat public account browsing to

     determine if the problem will be resolved soon.

  • How do I search all documents on the onAcademic website?

    To search all documents on the system, start with the search box at the top of our page. You'll notice that "subject" is written

     above the search box.Select a search category and enter your search term in the search box, then press Enter. A list of related

     articles and documents will appear in the list.

  • How do I search a particular document for a topic?

    To limit your search to a particular document,you can select the document type, age, author, etc. on the search results page for precise positioning. In this case, our search engine will search only the issues of the document you've selected. Press enter and review the list of article that is generated. If you do not find any articles related to your topic, you may want to back up a step and search all ofonAcademic's documents, rather than just one.

  • The files I'm attempting to download are not obtained or my download never finishes. What can I do?

    Some older Web browsers set a limit on the maximum file size that can be downloaded.If you're having trouble downloading a large study, we recommend you try the following:

    1.Verify that you have enough hard disk space for the download.

    2.Update/upgrade your Web browser.

    3.Try using a different Web browser.

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